Hannah Lockhart


Hannah Lockhart was born in Texas and raised in rural Oklahoma, but her hunting adventures have taken her all over the United States. Hannah's love for the great outdoors caught fire at the age of five. By age 20, she was living in Alaska, where she hunted and harvested a record coastal black bear. Just 7 years later, Hannah harvested the first archery bull elk for Cimarron County Oklahoma. She loves the adrenaline rush she gets from hunting a venomous creature and always looks forward to rattlesnake season. Hannah is also no stranger to bow fishing and noodling. Her favorite part of fishing season is that she can still catch snakes.

Born deaf and having miraculously survived a hunting accident in high school, Hannah has beaten the odds and is currently studying Aviation Sciences with the hope of one day becoming a bush pilot in Alaska. She dreams of flying "Cracker Jack box" sized planes in the middle of nowhere and stalking whatever happens to be in season. In the spring, she lives in the fields and mountains. In the summer, she lives at the lake. In the fall, she can hardly be seen, because she's usually high up in the trees.

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