Dan Massey


Dan Massey has been collecting and handing venomous snakes ever since he was a teenager, but his passion for wildlife and adventure began even before that. For almost twenty years Dan worked as an auto mechanic before going back to graduate school where he eventually obtained his Doctorate in Pharmacy. Most of Dan's work is done indoors at Banner University's Hospital, so he cherishes the off hours he can spend with his wife and collecting partner, Melanie. Their ideal weekend includes packing up their Jeep, driving to remote locations with no cell phone signal, camping, and collecting all the insects and reptiles they can get their hands on.

Back at home, Dan and Melanie are fully equipped with materials to milk scorpions for their venom! Dan is a bilateral below the knee amputee, but this does not slow him down. If anything, it drives him to go beyond what most people think an amputee can do. His prosthetic legs give him an advantage when hunting rattlesnakes, too - he can freely walk in tall grass or shrubs without fear of being bit.

Dan's enthusiasm for venom research propels him to keep going on trip after trip; and the possibility of seeing a red spitting cobra (a snake on his bucket list) one day is pretty motivating, too!

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