Brian Barczyk


Brian is fearless, enthusiastic, and driven - there is no snake species in the world he won't hunt down. He's well-versed in finding, capturing, and extracting venom from dangerous animals such as Black Mambas, Gaboon Vipers, and the deadly Funnel Web Spider of Australia. As owner of one of the largest reptile collections in the world, Brian works with over 30,000 different snakes on a daily basis. He's also the host of the popular YouTube series "SnakeBytesTV."

Brian has had a fascination with all reptiles since childhood, but snakes have always been his real passion. With over 25 years' experience breeding and working with snakes, he's thankful to be living out his dream job and working in an area he truly loves. Brian hopes to continue to change people's perception of these venomous organisms.

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