Nick Koumalatsos


Nick grew up in a rough part of Florida where he occasionally found himself on the wrong side of the law. After weathering turbulent teenage years, he managed to turn his life around and join the Marine Corps where he trained to be a Reconnaissance Marine.

In 2007, Nick transitioned into the Marine Corps Special Operations unit where he deployed on 7 covert operations around the world, including South East Asia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite 12 years of active service in some of the most extreme environments on earth, Nick has never been injured.

After leaving the Marines, Nick advertised his unique skills as a private contractor and soon found work with conducting intelligence operations for the Department of Defenses in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

However this dangerous and unpredictable work soon took its toll and a year ago Nick began to offer his services up as an expedition leader, where he could use his tactical and survival skills to help protect civilian scientists on important missions into dangerous environments.

When Nick is on duty he's all business, taking his role very seriously. He prefers to be a lone operator and doesn't tolerate any challenge to his authority, expecting those under his command to obey without question. He is always seen with his trusty headband, a reminder of his days in the Corps and a symbol of his ability to keep his clients safe despite the dangers around them.

When he is not leading expeditions, Nick is a dedicated family man fully devoted to his two daughters. He also works as the Director for Gallantfew's Raider Project, a non-profit that provides counsel and mentorship to Marines transitioning out of the service.

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