Chris Gillette


Professional animal handler and wildlife enthusiast Chris Gillette works with large predators for a living. A typical day on the job could be spent underwater with alligators or tromping in the jungle with vipers, and he couldn't be happier about it. Chris has always had a passion for animals, especially the toothy kind, and this passion has fueled a career as an entertainer, animal wrangler, wildlife photographer, and researcher with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies.

Chris uses his decades of experience with dangerous predators to track and locate formidable wildlife for up-close photography and hands-on conservation, relying on quick reflexes and bush know-how to get the job done with little more than his bare hands. His passion for wildlife fuels him to seek out the most feared and misunderstood creatures, from swimming outside the cage with great white sharks, kissing a king cobra on the head, and opening the jaws of an unrestrained fifteen foot croc in the wild. Even with the utmost respect for nature's fury and years of experience, he admits accidents are inevitable and he is fully aware of the risks involved, having taken bites from 10ft alligators and being charged by bull sharks. He believes the most important lesson is to always remain calm and logical, even when a gator is crushing your hand!

When not wrestling alligators or performing tours, Chris spends his free time exploring Florida and honing his wildlife photography skills.

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