Porbeagle Shark


Overview — Many sharks and other fish prefer warm water, but porbeagle sharks like to stay cool. They inhabit coastal regions and the open sea. Like shortfin mako sharks, porbeagles possess a body heat regulatory mechanism that can raise their temperature several degrees higher than that of the surrounding water. As a result, they function efficiently in the freezing water off the coasts of Iceland and Chile.

This stocky shark is often included in studies on whether or not sharks play. That is because several observers have reported seeing porbeagles in groups of up to 20 individuals manipulating and tossing about floating objects, including lumber and seaweed. They seem to engage in such activity for no apparent reason other than to pass the time.

Feeding Habits — The porbeagle shark mainly feeds on schooling fish, such as mackerel, herring, cod, hake, lancetfish, redfish and haddock. It will also consume shellfish, smaller sharks (e.g., some dogfish species) and squid. Side projections on the teeth of adults help porbeagles to gnash through tough prey.

Cool Fact — The porbeagle must keep swimming in order to breathe.

Common Max Depth — 1,120 feet

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