Scott Duffy Thompson


Age at Time of Challenge: 47

Residence: Charleston, SC

Occupation: Retired Army Soldier, Second-Most Interesting Man in the World

Relationship Status: Almost Engaged to the Love of my Life

Top 3 Survival Skills:


Bow Drill

Primitive Weapons

Scott was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota (yah, don’t-cha-know). He enlisted in the United States Army in July of 1990 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in December of 2001. His combat tours include 29 months in Iraq and Afghanistan for which he was Awarded 2 Bronze Star Medals. He retired from the Army in November of 2012 at the rank of Major. He has a Bachelors of Science degree (BS, appropriate in more ways than one) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Scott has several reasons for participating in this challenge. First and foremost, he believes that human beings grow through adversity. Secondly, he wants to test his limits and push past them. Finally he wants to add to the list of incredible stories that he will be able to tell to his grandchildren (most of which will even be true). Speaking of grandchildren, he has three amazing daughters; Jazmine, Ashley, and Mickenzie (none of which, thankfully, have given him any grand-children yet, that can wait). He would also like to have new stories to tell his daughters; they have heard them all and are getting a little tired of most of them.

Scott became interested in the outdoors and primitive survival as a young teen when his family moved to the country and he was introduced to hunting and fishing. During his 22 years in the Army he had the opportunity to experience many different environments and learn the skills needed to survive in nearly any situation. His military training and experience also developed within him the most important survival skill: resilience. Also, it taught him how to tolerate enormous amounts of BS, a close second in importance for survival.

Scott’s philosophy is that survival is more about being strong mentally and emotionally than it is about a specific set of physical skills. Key to this philosophy is a sense of humor and a willingness to laugh at himself. Without the emotional and mental fortitude, all of your skills will be useless. He feels it is impossible to “train” for every situation so his ability to improvise and adapt are his greatest assets. He believes that if people do not continuously test their limits and push past them they will become complacent, soft, and weak. Human beings need adversity in order to grow and prosper. After he conquers Naked and Afraid (failure is not an option) his future endeavors will include learning how to kite-board, earning his private pilot’s license, running a marathon, and experiencing life as much as possible. He is 48 years old and is still trying to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up.


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