Sarah Danser


Age at Time of Challenge: 26

Residence: Honolulu, Hawaii

Occupation: Divemaster

Relationship Status: Friendship is Magic

Top 3 Survival Skills:




A fearless and free spirit, Sarah Danser is determined to succeed no matter what anyone thinks or what she’ll have to go through. Even in tough times she finds a way to be positive and push forward towards her dreams. She loves creatures, embraces nature, and lives in perpetual pursuit of personal growth and happiness.

Throughout her youth, Sarah traveled with her family around the world; they climbed volcanoes, summited high mountains, hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and snorkeled on remote coral reefs. Her adventurous parents taught her the life skills she needed to become a true survivalist. Her father taught her to think for herself and to solve problems with creative solutions. Her mother, who died when Sarah was just 8 years old, taught her the importance of kindness and how to persevere through tremendous difficulty. She seizes every opportunity to travel and embark on adventures. She has traveled to Guatemala where she volunteered as a dental assistant in a remote humanitarian clinic. She solo-hiked 200 miles of the Colorado Trail for 3 weeks. After earning her degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, she traveled to Cameroon where she conducted independent research on the insects of West Africa and worked for 6 months as a school teacher.

Sarah's survival skills were already put to the test once, in the San Rafael Swell in Utah, where she and her father were forced to survive the night at the bottom of a freezing-cold slot canyon. She now lives in Honolulu where she works as a Divemaster. With her 10 years of SCUBA experience, she guides divers on the shipwrecks and coral reefs around Oahu. She spends her free time sailing and has logged over 1500 nautical miles of open-ocean travel. Though she grew up in the mountains, Sarah has always been passionate about the ocean and its many undiscovered wonders. She is excited to use her seafaring skills to conquer the 21-day challenge in Exumas!

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