Michelle Jones


Michelle Jones grew up hunting, fishing and doing outdoor activities with her family. She grew up in Minnesota, so there was always some sort of outdoor activity that they would be doing. She also learned a great deal more about survival from the time she spent in the military. She was afforded the opportunity to go to S.E.R.E. school which allowed her to work on her survival skills. Being able to put all the skills she had learned to use is something that she does everyday, whether it is at work, in the gym, or in normal everyday situations.

Michelle has always been interested in survival skills and what it means to push yourself and break through boundaries. She did not join the Armed Forces until she was 28 because I wanted to serve her country and it was not always easy being the oldest one in some of her training classes. She wanted to prove not only to herself but to others that she could do whatever she set her mind to.

Michelle is looking forward to the challenge because she thinks it will be the hardest thing she will ever do in her life. She is also looking forward to putting her survival skills to the test and to see if she has what it takes. She really hopes that she has a great partner that does not like drama. She thinks that would make things much worse.

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