Melanie Rauscher


Melanie grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she spent nearly all of her free time outdoors and playing sports. She has been an athlete since age 4, which she believes strongly contributed to her strong work ethic and desire to succeed in every challenge she faces. Although she grew up in the city with very limited wildlife and raw nature around her, she has always had a deep connection to animals and the land.

At the age of 17, Melanie enlisted in the US Navy where she served 4 years active duty as an Information Systems Technician. While enlisted, she traveled to 8 countries, where she was exposed to a variety of different cultures and developed an interest in culturtal anthropology which she continues to study today. Upon completion of her military service, Melanie attended Old Dominion University in Virginia where she studied Exercise Science. After finishing school, Melanie moved from Virginia to Arizona where she currently works as a Recreation Assistant. After moving to Arizona, she developed a passion for extreme hiking, camping, and fishing which led her to begin primitive survival skill studies. Her strengths are shelter building, water collection/purification, and teamwork. She believes anyone who puts themself in a situation where your life and safety depend on only your surroundings, it is essential to be equipped with the knowledge on how to survive in such conditions. She has always been the class clown and considers it one of her greatest attributes. She says that her goal in life is to bring peace and happiness to everyone she meets, through laughter.

Melanie is ecstatic to take on the Naked & Afraid challenge to prove that she truly is a badass. She loves to take on challenges that most consider crazy, which heavily influenced her decision to apply for the show. Completing 21 days in nature, with no clothes, no food, and no water provided, sounds like a blessing and a curse and she can't wait to experience Mother Earth in her most raw, pure form. She hopes that this experience will open doors in her mind that she has never opened before, providing her with life changing knowledge that she can share with others, to improve their own lives.

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