McKenzie Clark


Age at Time of Challenge: 35

Residence: Kona, Hawaii

Occupation: Bartender

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Top 3 Survival Skills:

Mental Strength

Ocean Knowledge

Problem Solving

Mckenzie Clark is an adventure-loving outdoorswomen living in Kona, Hawaii. She currently works as a bartender and freelance photographer. She was born and raised in Portland, OR, experiencing many long and ill-prepared road trips, hiking, and car camping with her family throughout the West. Many full days in the car resulted in breaks to catch lizards and snakes, hike without shoes or water. Her father was somewhat of a minimalist so she learned to go without certain conveniences, and to respect the environment and live within her means.

A balance of work, world travel and living and playing in Hawaii on the Island for the last 16 years has developed her ocean skills, including surfing, free diving, stand-up paddling boarding and spear-fishing. She’s super outdoorsy and active, likes to hike, climb mountains, camp, practice yoga, garden, spelunk, and almost any new adventure or challenge is welcome.

Many years of customer service has honed her people skills and taught her how to adapt (most of the time) to get along with almost anyone, and her many haphazard travel and ocean experiences-including being attack by a 12 foot tiger shark October 2014- has fortified her mental strength and toughness, increased her adaptability, problem solving and ability to stay calm.

From a young age she would fantasize about getting stranded on a deserted island or surviving a plane crash resulting in having to survive on the ocean or in the jungle with meager to no provisions.

Not only will this experience test existing skills, it puts to test ones ability to adapt, work as a team, challenge physical and mental barriers, use resources available in nature, live as our ancestors lived, respect our environment.

She’s hoping to apply and improve existing skills, step into the unknown and push physical and mental limits, gain a greater appreciation of what she has while going without. She’s excited for the opportunity to experience how it might feel to be in true survival situation, challenge staying calm, positive and level headed while problem-solving. Its the ultimate adventure while confronting fears; failure, regret, pain, illness, unknown dangers, judgement, public nudity, negative publicity and more.

Above all, Mckenzie is hoping maintain a positive attitude, grace, humility and respect as well as an affable and compatible working relationship with her partner. She firmly believe that pushing oneself, testing physical and mental boundaries, suffering and enduring discomfort to fulfill goals can lead to self growth and realization as well as gain patience and a greater appreciation for our world and our lives, collectively and individually.

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