Laura Zerra


Age: 28

Current residence: Groton, New Hampshire

Occupation: Backcountry guide, Survival instructor, Writer, Public speaker

Relationship status: Single

Skills: Building shelter, primitive technology, primitive fire, hide tanning, hunting, trapping, plant identification

Laura became interested in survival as a way to connect to land in a visceral way, and gain freedom and independence in the wild. Though open to learning new skills and techniques from anyone she encountered, Laura is largely self-taught and believes that being humble enough to learn from failure is an important part of everyone's learning process. She spent a number of years traveling around North America, and putting herself into situations that would push her comfort zone and therefore force her to adapt and learn new skills. Laura believes that survival isn't necessarily about memorizing every technique in the book, but rather about learning what your needs are, and then using whatever is around you to meet them in any environment. She believes flexibility and the ability to improvise are some of the most important traits for any survivalist.

Laura is an adventurer in every sense of the word, and uses her survival skills to push the boundaries of these experiences. By knowing that she can survive almost anywhere, she has the confidence to push past limitations that other people might let hold them back. Laura's knowledge of survival is important because of the freedom it allows her. With this freedom, she can let go of fear and experience her life and world to the fullest.

While not surviving in the wild, Laura enjoys shed antler hunting, horse packing and horseback riding, fitness training, travel, rock climbing, scuba diving, free diving, whitewater kayaking, and anything that pushes her comfort zone. Laura's previous jobs have included mushroom hunter, taxidermist, farrier, butcher, and survival instructor. She loves learning and new experiences, and is a true nomad at heart.


Twitter: @laurazerra

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