Kristin Young


Age: 32 years old
Occupation: Oncology Nurse
Current Residence: Mt. Gilead, Ohio
Relationship Status: Married
Survival Skills: Hunting, tracking, can function on little sleep, strong-willed

Kristin is a super fan of Naked And Afraid, which she watches constantly with her family. She has many qualities and attributes that demonstrate she can make the cut as a survivalist on the show. She works night shift and manages a family including 2 active preschoolers. Running on very little sleep is a way of life and maintaining an active lifestyle pushes her body to the limit. From high school through college and beyond, she has had a passion to stay active. Swimming, cross country, track, water polo, a marathon, and a few triathlons complete the list.

Growing up in the farm country of Ohio, she learned what it was like to live outdoors. Family vacations always involved some sort of camping adventure in the wilderness from the mountains to the beaches and in between. She gained a wealth of experience from camping in a wide spectrum of weather conditions from the snow to subtropical temperatures in the 100's. A positive attitude, strong will, and unrelenting energy get Kristin through most situations. Furthermore, her problem solving and leadership abilities demonstrated in her nursing career transfer consistently to life situations that arise.

Her encouragement comes from her wonderful husband who taught her how to hunt and track deer, which is one of her favorite hobbies. Kristin feels it is important to know survival skills because she wants to provide for her family and be able to live off the land if necessary. Kristin and her husband have already taken steps to living self sufficiently by heating their home with a wood-burning stove.

Kristin is looking forward to showing the world who she is and how she can rock out the extraordinary opportunity and challenge of surviving Naked And Afraid.



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