Keith Busch


Age: 46

Occupation: Sober Coach

Current Residence: Seattle, WA

Relationship Status: Divorced and Single

Skills: Building shelter, food and water sourcing, map and compass navigation, fire-making

Keith has been an outdoorsman all of his life. Born and raised in Seattle, he was a boy scout and then an eagle scout. He later joined the Army and was a commissioned officer first in Aviation and then Infantry. He’s been inseparable from the outdoors ever since. He takes advantage of all of the natural wonders that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Mountain climbing, sailing, canoeing, and windsurfing keep him active, as well as building rope bridges for his two kids. He will be trying for a black belt in karate early next year. He also often practices building shelters from local resources, and loves traveling the world, having taken 3-4 trips a year, hitting dozens of countries each time.

Keith’s main reason for survival training is to be ready to take care of his family if natural disaster strikes. He says he loves the whole experience of being outdoors and making the best of what he has to work with. His training in Kenpo Karate and his work with recovering addicts (being over three years clean and sober himself) have given him the mental strength necessary to complete this challenge - no matter what.


Twitter: @KeithcBusch

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