Kaila Cumings


Kaila Cumings is a 27-year-old custom knife maker born and raised in the backwoods of troy new Hampshire. She is a strong, independent woman who is adventurous and full of energy. She has a happy, positive attitude and a contagious energy that's hard not to fall in love with.

Growing up, Kaila learned survival skills from her father who taught her how to hunt, trap, track, and clean animals. He taught her the importance of being knowledgeable of her surroundings and how to live off the land. In her teenage years, she started doing competition shooting. She soon surpassed all the boys on her rifle team and took second place in the nation for smallbore rifle in the junior olympics in Camp Perry, Ohio.

As Kaila got older she started doing a lot of tactical firearm training, taking home defense, carbine/pistol, and knife fighting classes. She has always had a passion for collecting, carrying, and using knives. As she became more involved in the knife community, she noticed there weren't many females in the industry. She decided she wanted to start reviewing knives on YouTube to give a female’s perspective and try to get more women involved in carrying. After doing reviews for a year she decided she wanted to start making knives herself, so she quit her 9-to-5 job so she could follow her dreams.

When Kaila isn't out in her shop grinding or forging metal, you could more than likely find her down at the range shooting her compound bow or running around barefoot in the woods spear fishing in the rivers, building shelters, or hunting to put food on the table for her and her daughter, Bailey. She is now passing on these skills she has learned over the years to her little girl. She believes everyone could benefit from being knowledgeable about primitive survival because you just never know what could happen. Going into the 21-day challenge she is looking forward to really putting her skills to the test and pushing herself to the limits. She is eager to take on this challenge and show her little girl how important it is to be not only strong but also to show her how to be a good team player.

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