Kacie Cleveland

Age: 29 years old
Occupation: Athletic Trainer
Current Residence: Bellingham, Washington
Relationship Status: Married
Survival Skills: Fishing, Shelter Building

Kacie grew up camping often with her family. They had contests for who could pack the lightest bag and support themselves off the land with food, water, and shelter. She then took an academic approach to survival, including college courses. She is great at fishing and building shelter from anything.

In addition to survival, Kacie is an avid endurance athlete. She started coaching and training when she was in high school and hasn't stopped since. She races 5K's, half marathons, and up stairwells of tall buildings. She also plays indoor and outdoor soccer, loves skiing and snowboarding, and owns a CrossFit gym with her husband, where she coaches as well. Inline skating is how she gets her endurance work in without the high impact pounding on her legs. She skated across the United States in 47 days, 23 hours and 34 minutes (beating the former male record holder by 22 days), sometimes skating at night to avoid traffic. She also was part of a team that holds the record for most elevation in a stairwell in 24 hours, cumulatively climbing the equivalent of 2.5 Mount Everests nonstop.

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