Julie Wright


Age: 30

Current residence: Washington

Occupation: Wilderness instructor

Relationship status: Single

Skills: Tanning hides, tracking, plant identification, primitive fire, CPR, mentoring, peace-making, staying hidden

Growing up, Julie always had a fascination with the natural world. She would spend entire summers barefoot and muddy in a backyard pond in Vermont where she was raised. This fascination led her to study biology at Wellesley College and get a Master's degree in Biological Oceanography. She has spent over 2 months at sea, has served on several research projects and done field work next to a remote glacier in Alaska while counting harbor seals resting on icebergs.

Julie's career-track of becoming a tenured professor of biology changed course when she took her first class at Tom Brown's Tracker School and realized that her childhood dream of living off the land and tracking animals was possible. After that, Julie decided to stop paying rent and start camping out, sleeping in parks and natural places, once even sleeping on a floating island of cattails in the middle of Seattle for a month.

She has taught summer camps at the Wilderness Awareness School for the past five (going on six) summers and will be teaching an advanced survival overnight camp this summer. She is passionate about bringing the skills of survival and primitive living to others and showing them the joy of connecting to themselves, the natural world and each other.

Julie was also an instructor at Quiet Heart Wilderness School this past year and got to run around in the woods with kids and make atl atls, fish arrows and hoko-style fish knives, just to name a few projects.

She has been to primitive skills gatherings like Rabbit Stick and Winter Count, where she learned the basics of flint-knapping, hide-tanning, bow-making, primitive archery, basketry, cattail hats and moccasins. She has even made her own buckskin skirt with instructor Lynx Vilden.

Julie is now a science and math teacher at the middle and high school level, and hopes to start writing and publishing articles and books in her free time.

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