Jonathan Short


Jonathan, a 25-year-old rebel from Winder, Georgia grew up moving from school to school and city to city. He was constantly having to reinvent himself, reintroduce himself, not knowing who HE even was. As a child he always felt different and quickly became okay with the fact that he was an outcast with no interest in living a normal routine lifestyle. Jonathan never understood why his family and peers from home were so comfortable with being idle. It puzzled him, he never wanted to be comfortable, never wanted to be safe, and never wanted to settle for less.

In 2013, Jonathan discovered the show Naked and Afraid. He quickly became interested in the survivalist stories, skill, and ability. The desire to understand his own body, ability, and skill grew with each episode. It was at this point that he set out on a search for his own remote location to strand himself. He wanted to become a self taught survivalist. He would watch endless videos on fire building, shelter building, water purification, navigation, plant identity, hunting, and tool building. He found an island off the coast of Panama City Beach called "Goose Island." This would soon become his classroom, no people, no rules, nothing but room for mistake and room for growth. He would visit the island every weekend and practice a new skill each time.

Jonathan wants to challenge himself on Naked and Afraid to encourage, inspire, and help others find the confidence, skill, and ability he once had to find on his own.

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