Jeremy Mccaa


Jeremy Mccaa is from Monroe, in the northern part of Louisiana, where he spends most of his time hunting or just being outdoors enjoying all that nature has to offer. He currently works in commercial construction and has been married for twenty years to his wonderful wife, Robin. They have three children together.

This is Jeremy's second time on Naked and Afraid. His survival skills include animal tracking, hunting, snares, shelter building, and fire making. He has spent most of his life hunting with his dad, who taught him what he knows when it comes to living off what nature has to offer. Living off the land is important to him. This will insure that he can always provide for himself and his family. It's important to him to learn all he can when it comes to providing for himself because if things go wrong, he knows he will be fine. He loves passing what he knows to his children and friends. On top of hunting he also enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, and spending time with good friends around a campfire.

Jeremy looks forward to surviving in the swamp and testing his mental strength. He knows the hardest part will be the battle with the mind. The swamp of Louisiana is one of the worse areas to be with respect to biting insects. His worst fears are battling the elements alone or a partner that he can't get along with.

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