Jaclyn McCaffrey


Age: 25

Occupation: Behavioral Health Professional/Survival instructor

Current Residence: Earth

Relationship Status: Single

Skills: Primitive fire, cordage and fibers, shelter building, edible and medicinal plants, leather work, basketry, navigation

Jaclyn grew up surrounded by the beautiful desert of Arizona, and her love of the outdoors began at a young age. From hiking, camping, biking – you name it – her passion and progression in knowledge of the environment bloomed quickly.

Jaclyn was raised playing sports, which taught her to become a strong individual. She has always had a competitive nature, and physical activities became an outlet for her high-energy personality. Among her many athletic activities, she participated in track, swimming, soccer, and softball.

In 2009, Jaclyn relocated to the island of Oahu, Hawaii, where she attended college and graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Hawaii in 2012. Her time in the tropics gave her immense insight about herself and life. Beyond school and work, Jaclyn learned about permaculture, long-boarding, ukulele, hula-hooping, and acrobatic yoga. A heavy devotion to these interests pushed her to better herself every day.

With her degree, Jaclyn went on to become a behavioral health professional. Through this profession, she helps individuals as part of a unique wilderness therapy program. This work gives her the ability to support people in a setting that encourages learning and teaching primitive skills. Her work has inspired her to continue embarking on primitive excursions, to better her survival practices, and to gain strength both mentally and physically.

Jaclyn is an energetic, mindful, and free-spirited woman. Her dedication to life, nature, headstands, family, and friends evokes deep roots to inspire, be inspired, take risks, and live peacefully. When the opportunity of Naked and Afraid came around, Jaclyn knew this was an experience she had to add to her life’s journey.

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