Dustin Hobbs

Age: 30 years old
Occupation: Bullet Press Operator at Hornady Manufacturing
Current Residence: Grand Island, Nebraska
Relationship Status: (Depressingly) Single
Survival Skills: Hunting, Trapping, Primitive Tool making, Endurance, Small Game Processing, Basic First Aid Skills

From a young age, Hobbs was immersed in the outdoors. His father grew up in the rural areas of Missouri, where one routinely had to hunt for their dinner meal. Dustin's father passed these skills and enthusiasm on to his sons.

During his formative teenage years, Hobbs more or less rebelled against his upbringing, and his skills began to wane. However, upon graduating in 2003, he joined the U.S. Army, where a few of the skills began to come back. Though it may sound cliche and even a bit foolish, it wasn't until late in his Army career during the so-called "Zombie Craze" that Hobbs began taking another look at his survival skills, both primitive and contemporary. Realizing that "zombie" amongst the prepper/survivalist community was simply an allegory for the unprepared people, he then decided to redouble his efforts and learn as much as he could on how to survive in the event of a total socio-economic collapse.

After a nine year career with three deployments to Iraq, a falling out with a rapidly changing Army left a bitter taste for the government in his mouth, and with a poor job market in Georgia, Hobbs resigned himself to move back home to Nebraska. Here, he now works for Hornady Manufacturing, a small but well-known company in the firearms industry, and a world leader in innovative ammunition solutions, where he works a machine that produces bullets.

He takes any opportunity to read and study survival skills, in addition to skills involving firearms, ammunition, tactical training, and the latest news in military hardware, equipment, TTP's, and training. With a very busy and exhausting work schedule, a limited budget, and being surrounded by flat, tamed farmland as far as the eye can see, Hobbs gets few opportunities to actually get out and put these acquired skills to a real-world test are quite limited. This means that his formidable knowledge is more or less mostly theory rather than practiced skill.

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