Dawn Dussault


Dawn is from Quebec, Canada. Ever since she was a little girl she enjoyed hunting, exploring the woods, shooting, riding horses, and building forts. After joining the army, she also became interested in more outdoor hobbies like backpacking, shooting, rock climbing, and doing ultra marathons. She was a squadron second in command in Canada's Special Forces and did an exchange at West Point military academy. She is the first female infantry officer in the history of her regiment.

Dawn learned her survival skills from being brought up in a small town where there is a lot of hunting, fishing, and farming. She developed more survival skills during her fifteen years in the army, especially from being an infantry officer, where they train in all elements in austere conditions and areas. She became more interested in doing survival training as a hobby as a means to enjoy holidays and time off. Although she is newly retired, her survival skills were needed as an officer in the infantry. Her survival skills made her more of a leader when dealing with stressful or outdoor environments. She loves shooting (especially pistols) and enjoys backpacking and traveling. Dawn looks forward to assessing her primitive survival skills, seeing if she can truly survive without any reliance on anything, meeting her partner, and challenging herself both mentally and physically.

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