David Scott


David was raised in Sacramento, California. At age 18, he moved to France for a year. From there he spent time in many places for school, work, and leisure: Holland, Czech Republic, Senegal, Idaho, Utah, Thailand, Suriname, and finally his current residence in Colorado. This included time spent at college, in the Peace Corps, counseling troubled teens, and traveling for exploration.

David's first experience with primitive skills was when he saw an old cowboy light a bow drill fire in the desert of Southern Utah. He was 25 at the time and was immediately hooked. He subsequently attended the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Rabbitstick Rendezvous, and Slickrock gathering. He also devoured books on the subject and spent two years working for a primitive skills based wilderness therapy organization.

David’s interest in survival is about self-reliance and healing. He feels healed and restored when he gets to spend time in the wilderness, with use of primitive techniques enhancing the experience and reassuring him that he can survive zombie attacks.

In addition to practicing survival skills, David loves to practice yoga, kayak whitewater, play the Native American flute and travel the world. He speaks three languages, one of which has fewer words and speakers than almost any language on the planet.

In this experience, David is seeking a spiritual experience. He wants to see if yogic and meditative teachings work as a way to further his survival skills; if he can take wilderness suffering such as hunger, cold, or sickness, as simply a condition of the present, knowing that all conditions of the present fade away and turn into something else. He also just wants to see just how much of a primitive skills badass he really is.

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