Chance Davis


Chance Davis is a Post-Military Consultant who travels the world bridging the gap between veterans and citizens. Intensely focused on helping those who served assimilate into modern society, he connects veterans to resources in employment, health and wellness, and education. His interest in survival began as a boy scout while a resident at Boys Home of Virginia. Adaptation and resilience were survival skills that he learned at an early age during a challenging upbringing.

Previously, Chance was a Ranger Medic in the United States Army. He then went on to be a Private Defense Contractor where he worked both overseas and state-side. He is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology with plans to develop behavioral modification programs for at risk youth through counseling and fitness. His wide variety of interests include competitive shooting, horseback riding, hiking, and martial arts.

Chance recently relocated to assist fellow Ranger buddies in Standardsville, Virginia raising beef cattle. Surviving primarily matters to Ranger Davis because of his training and experience. In elite military units, such as Ranger Regiment, quitting is never an option and Rangers will always find a way to complete the mission. He looks forward to the opportunity to do a lot of self-reflection during the time away from civilization. Additionally, he has wanted to test his training and experience against the elements similar to the challenge. He's looking forward to testing himself in a foreign environment with minimal equipment. He has primarily worked as an individual apart of a larger functioning unit, so he is eager to work with a partner and challenge himself in team work.

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