Age: 34

Occupation: Currently unemployed, former active-duty soldier and police officer

Current Residence: Philadelphia, PA

Relationship Status: Married

Survival Skills/Expertise: Hunting, first aid, primitive fire-starting, weaponry

Cass is originally from Philadelphia, and now lives just outside the city. He became interested in survival as a child through his father, who taught him the basics. He then took jobs that enhanced his skills of self-reliance, in both the military and the police force.

Cass says he is wary of how dependent on technology our society has become: while technology is a useful tool, it is also important to maintain your independence from modern conveniences. He prides himself on his marksmanship (1 meter to 600). He says his military experience has prepared him for many tough situations, but he’s not sure anything can prepare him for a challenge like this!

Cass is married with four kids: aged nine, seven, five and three years old.

Twitter: @CassidyNkd

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