Ben Johnson


Age at Time of Challenge: 28

Residence: Atlanta, Georgia

Occupation: Private Security Contractor

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Top 3 Survival Skills:


Primitive Shelter


Ben Johnson is a private security contractor from Atlanta, GA. His primitive survival experience covers a broad spectrum of skills that include fire making, shelter building, purified water acquisition, hunting & trapping, first aid, plant & wildlife identification, and mental resilience.

Ben learned this myriad of skills from being raised in an outdoor environment by his primitive survival enthusiast father and extensive training during his military career as a Navy SEAL. Ben believes that basic survival skills-- combined with an ability to critically problem solve and a relentless effort to succeed and thrive--are the foundation for growth. Knowing how to survive removes the perceived need for everyday amenities that only serve to make life easier. Simply put, knowing what is required to live and grow at its foundation affords a person the opportunity to truly appreciate how comfortable life really is for most people.

Ben looks forward to his challenge as a test to measure the efficacy of the skills that he has picked up over the years, and believes it will be a unique opportunity to truly part ways with all of the external influences of his daily life through self reflection.

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