Angel Rodriguez

Age: 37 years old
Occupation: Survivalist
Current Residence: Santa Cruz, California
Relationship Status: Married
Survival Skills: Master Improviser

Although born in Puerto Rico, Angel moved to San Francisco at the young age of 7. Upon arrival in the new west coast city, Angel's mother knew no one, and therefore Angel, his brother and she had to resort to sleeping on the streets. This experience of living without a roof over his head or a warm meal waiting for him each night, really taught Angel what he never wanted to feel again - hunger, freezing cold, and complete helplessness. Angel's mother continued to move the three of them around a lot as a child, and this immersed Angel in a plethora of different living environments, with uncountable character strengthening experiences. The nomadic life also exposed Angel to a wide variety of cultures and habitats, resulting in a deep love for nature. He became a devout boy scout and found his love for nature to provide him with comfort and a sense of home and belonging.

At age 16, Angel left his mother and brother and decided to head out on his own. Due to years of adapting and surviving through the toughest living situations, Angel knew he had the faith, skills, and strength to make it alone.

As a 19 year old hitchhiker in Santa Cruz, Angel met a Jamaican preacher who helped him find his way off the streets and into life as a civilian. Although this was the end of Angel's "street life," it was far from the end of his passion for wild survival. He kept up his training by embarking on survival trips to Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico and many of the national parks in California. One particular hiking trip from Santa Cruz to Monterey changed his life forever...he met his lovely wife.

Angel and his wife have now been together for a blissful seven years, and been blessed enough to share it with their two treasured daughters. As a husband and a father, Angel continues to enjoy hiking, fishing, footbag net, wild foraging, wild medicines, disc golf and camping... and any new challenge that comes his way. After seeing Naked And Afraid, he thought that would be the ultimate survival challenge of his life. Angel believes that with his faith in God and his imagination nothing is impossible.

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