Amanda Kaye (AK)


Age: 31

Current Residence: Alabama

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom

Relationship Status: Married

Skills: Hunting, fire-starting, trained in Native American survival techniques

Amanda (also known as “AK”) was raised in a family that performs living history. Learning to survive in and around the year 1812 was a necessity in order to be able to show and teach the public how Native Americans survived without any modern tools during that time period.

AK loves challenges. The harder, the better -- especially when it requires being creative. If there is something that needs to be made, she can more than likely figure out how to make it.

AK is a huge deer hunter and loves taking her daughter hunting. AK has not shot a deer herself in three years since her daughter started hunting because there is nothing better than teaching her everything she knows and hearing her at the dinner table saying, "We are eating my deer."

Facebook: Amanda Kaye

Twitter: @AK__21

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