Alison Teal


Age: 27

Current residence: Hawaii

Occupation: Surfer/Filmmaker

Relationship status: Single

Skills: Plant identification, building shelter, making fire, spear fishing

Alison had an atypical childhood: raised by adventure-photographer parents, she accompanied trips to exotic locales beginning at the age of two months old. Her life since has continued this spirit of exploration.

Alison loves to live by modest means, preferring to use her resources to travel than to settle. Her experiences have allowed her to gain vast knowledge of cultures and survival techniques.

Her current residence is a a Swiss Family Robinson style grass hut that she built with her parents over the last 20 years.

After graduating from film school at USC, Alison set off around the world to make a film series which would offer viewers a passport into her global family and their secrets of survival, sustainability, and happiness. After eight years of filming she has just released her first Alison's Adventures films on her website: Click the link below for more:

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