Alana Barfield


Age: 35

Occupation: Luxury Retail Supervisor, Freelance Makeup Artist

Current Residence: Houston, TX

Relationship Status: Single

Skills: Animal tracking, hunting, plant identification, water sourcing, primitive weaponry

Alana grew up as an only child in an isolated area of South Texas. At a very early age, she learned to hunt, fish and forage with her father and grandfather, learning how to live off of the land. The goal of this education was to teach pure independence. She learned to be self-sufficient, fearless and to think outside of the box.

When she wasn't in school, young Alana would spend her time in the outdoors, learning about her environment and applying the skills she had learned from her family. Growing up without television, she was constantly roaming outside and would cover miles at a time. As she got older, she became interested in the culture of the Native Americans who had also lived in the area hundreds of years before. After studying some of their techniques, she expanded upon what she learned from her family, teaching herself stone knapping and primitive weapon making.

As an adult now living in the city, she has taken those skills from an amusing hobby to real-world necessity, especially after experiencing hurricane Ike in 2008. With no power, gas or water for weeks in the heart of a major metropolis, she realized that survival wasn't limited to country folk. Her skills allowed her to experience that event as a vacation, while others around her had to suffer due to lack of preparedness. Since then, she has made it a point to practice her skills more frequently, to be prepared for anything - no matter the situation.

Alana also plays roller derby and competes in tactical shooting events to keep her mind and focus sharp. She works as a supervisor in luxury retail, and also has been a makeup artist for over ten years, which is her creative outlet. Being in a cushy world for a living makes her appreciate the outdoors and primitive living even more.


Twitter: @AlanaBarfield

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