Lacey Jones

Naked And Afraid Challenge Location: Belize

Lacey Jones grew up on Quigg Island in Liberty, Maine. She and her family lived off the grid without running water or electricity, just a generator and a wood stove to keep them warm and cook their meals. As a young child, she attended a survivalist school in the summers where she learned about shelter building, fire starting, edible plants, hunting, fishing and many other outdoor skills. Her father was a bit of a nomad, moving from campground to campground, sleeping in a tent and living off the land. He passed on his knowledge of the great outdoors as well as his passion for being a part of nature, while her mother was a full blown hippie naturalist who passed on her love of plants and natural remedies.

Lacey is always in search of her next big adventure. In high school, she was prom queen and was voted most argumentative. After college, she decided to join the Army and was deported to Iraq. Once her contract was up, she was ready to move on to the next big stage in life. She got married and had two children. Still feeling the pull of the great outdoors, she started going on kayaking, hiking and camping trips. Every year she joins a group of fellow veterans and they travel across the country, camping and seeking their next adventure. At the moment, she is in the process of obtaining her Doctorate in Emergency Management and getting her pilot's license.

Lacey is incredibly excited to get out there and test her survivalist skills. She needs to know come the Zombie apocalypse-and we all know its coming-that she can survive and has what it takes to get her family through whatever happens. She is nervous about meeting her partner; being completely naked in front of a stranger is something new for her. It's sure to be interesting. She knows Naked and Afraid will be the ultimate adventure.

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