Charlie Frattini

Naked And Afraid Challenge Location: Columbia

Originally from Brooklyn, Charlie currently lives with his wife and youngest son on a 3-1/2 acre plot of land in West Chester County, New York surrounded by over 900 acres of "forever wild" forests. A "prepper" at heart, Charlie has raised his sons to know how to survive just in case a society-altering incident should occur. Trained in basic and advanced Jungle Survival while in the US Marines, Charlie achieved the status of Jungle Expert. His jungle training took place in both the Philippines and Panama and Charlie has taken the time to pass some of his skills on to his sons. But Charlie's story is deeper than his current abilities.

Charlie grew up in Brooklyn, New York where survival had a different meaning. While in college, Charlie dropped out to join the U.S. Marines. Maintaining the legacy of his father (also a Marine), Charlie entered boot camp and strived to be the best of the best. He was awarded Honor Man and preceded to have a stellar enlistment. He was awarded two meritorious promotions, was an infantryman/intel specialist, and Charlie was discharged with the title of STANO Platoon Sgt. It was while in the Marines, Charlie learned about survival. He spent 6 weeks in the boondocks of the Philippines learning jungle survival and another 8 weeks in the Jungles of Panama achieving the title of Jungle Expert.

Charlie is a strong believer in the need to be prepared for an apocalyptic event, which could impact our society. He hones his skills often and if you ask him, it will be those who have the training, the will, and the desire to fight to survive who will in fact still be standing during a societal catastrophe. Charlie laughs when he is told he's nuts to feel the way he does.

He's been the host of construction-related shows on cable TV and will be the first to tell you that he is the ONLY television personality with the skills to attempt Naked And Afraid as well as the only one who would have the desire to test himself in such a manner. He knows it will be an extremely difficult task to complete the 21 days in the Amazon but he is not going into it with the mindset of fighting Mother Nature and winning. He knows that's impossible. He hopes to adapt to the environment, keep a strong psychological presence, and make an alliance with his female partner. According to him, the women on Naked And Afraid are far superior at adapting than the men. He's looking forward to using this knowledge to succeed. Hopefully he will...

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