Kevin Clark


Kevin wasn't born into a car family. His parents weren't into them and his brothers and sisters weren't either. Kevin is the only one up or down who has always been passionate about cars. He feels he must have been was born with it - it was and always been in his blood!

In fact, Kevin's interest was so strong he'd have to go over to friend's houses when they would be working on their cars. There wasn't much he could do to help, but it was enough. Luckily, no one seemed to have a problem with his obsession, or even tried to change his mind - even though he wanted a new Hot Wheel every time they went to the store!

Kevin's first car customizations were on his toys. He would set up a custom repair shop on the floor of his living room, and take his toy cars and smash them! Where else was he going to find customers? This was fine until his mother refused to buy him any more toys if he was going to destroy them! Model car kits followed, but Kevin would just throw away the instructions and custom made the model to his own specifications. One of his tricks was to paint fishing line and use it to reproduce spark plug wires. Next came a neighborhood bicycle repair shop he set up in his garage when he was 10, but this still didn't match the dream of working on cars.

Kevin was only 13 when the lure of the real thing was just too tempting. Who needs a license? Kevin would sneak the keys to the family cars and go joy riding anyway. He had no destination in mind - only just to be in a real car, driving, going anywhere. But soon even driving didn't cut it. Kevin wanted to get his hands on the mechanics - so at 14 years old, he took a chance and convinced a friend's older sister to let him change the brakes on her 280zx. Thankfully it was a success, or else that might have ended the dream right then and there.

Kevin's first car was a Honda given to him by his parents. He didn't have a say in the matter - but he could make it his own. Kevin put a nitrous kit on it and challenged friends to street races. He may have been forced to drive a Honda, but he was also the guy whose car hauled ass!

Nothing Kevin gets his hands on stays stock. Back in the day Kevin took chances, and he still does today. He is still throwing away the instructions and gets fired up before blowing cars apart and rebuilding them!

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