Josh Paris


Josh's love for cars goes all the way back to one of his first memories - riding around in his grandfather's early model El Camino. His grandpa added a glasspack muffler so it was really loud! Josh remembers taking rides in it and really enjoying the rumble.

When Josh was growing up, his dad was an auto mechanic before getting into construction later in life. There was always a hot rod or two sitting around the house that Josh could ride in. But being driven by your dad and actually driving it yourself are two very different things, so it was only a matter of time before he would be allowed to drive.

Josh finally got that chance at the magic age of 12! His dad set Josh up in a manual pickup truck and set him at the bottom of a steep hill. He told Josh that if he could take off and make it up the hill without stalling out, he would let him drive - occasionally. Josh put it in gear, made it up the hill and hasn't stopped driving!

Another milestone for Josh also at age 12 was getting a motorcycle. Josh wasn't allowed to ride them until then, but when his mom finally agreed his dad not only gave him a bike but also got him into motocross. Josh took it on full force, even surviving a crash that crushed his face when he was 17. Of course that didn't stop him as he went on and raced until his early 20's, even going pro for a short time. But when you're getting older and the bills start pilling up, motocross doesn't quite cut it.

Luckily Josh had taken the time to study fabrication and welding in college, eventually getting jobs in construction and pipeline work. Great for the bills, but not really the dream job he had in mind. Custom car jobs however - that was what Josh dreamt about.

Josh believes custom car work is a dying art, and those that still do it are a rare breed. These kids today, they want new and with the new comes junk just bolted together and computer controlled. Josh likes it old school - real creative custom work on classic cars, old cars that you can't always find the parts for - where you have to fabricate what you need. Jobs in custom shops here and there were a nice and steady education in car fabrication that would eventually lead Josh to Fired Up Garage.

Along with the Misfit crew, Josh gets to work on cars that most people only dream about. If there is one thing for certain, it's that he would rather be sitting in a muscle car than in a new Lamborghini. That's what gets him fired up!

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