Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman came up with his plan to mine for gold in Alaska in 2010 after watching the steady decline of his aviation business in Oregon. While the economy stalled, he watched the price of gold rise and rise. Inspired by his father Jack's own gold mining adventures back in the 1980s, which ended in failure, Todd sourced a viable gold claim and then assembled a team of his unemployed buddies and the equipment they would need to start a full-scale mining operation.

With a strong belief in God and the American dream, Todd initially led his team to success. For three seasons he steadily accumulated mining know-how, sharpened his unique skill for deal making, and welcomed new members to his crew. Todd then took a massive risk: he staked all his earnings on a mining operation in Guyana, South America. The trip turned out to be one disaster after another and the Hoffman crew came home with just 2oz of gold.

Since the jungle, Todd led his team to success in the Klondike for two seasons before taking the gamble to move to his home state of Oregon. This proved disastrous for the Hoffman crew and he was forced to move to Colorado halfway through the season, losing face and good friends along the way. Todd is confident that the mines in Colorado that saved him from ruin last season can finally help him fulfil his American dream. This year he hopes to lead the crew to 5000oz, their best season ever.

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