Minnie Beets


Minnie grew up in a small village in Holland with a population of 400. She was one of five children and her parents ran a bakery. When she was six years old, a new family moved in next door, which included a cheeky seven-year-old boy named Tony Beets. Tony and Minnie started dating when she was 20 years old and they married a few years later. Following Tony to Canada, Minnie worked in home healthcare, retail, and in a Dawson hamburger joint (which she later bought and managed).

Now, Minnie has been the bookkeeper at Paradise Hill for more than ten years. She controls the purse strings tightly, and frequently argues with Tony over the fortune he is pouring into the dredge. She is the only person Tony can't say 'no' to. The Beets family all operate heavy machinery for the mining business, but Minnie shudders at the thought of it herself: "If he knows I can do it, I'll never be able to get out of it."

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