Logan Pierce


25 year-old Logan is a young cousin of Todd’s. He’s spent most of his life hunting deer, elk and fishing but is also a pretty good skateboarder. Last year, Logan decided to go gold mining as he wanted a bit of adventure before embarking upon a career in accounting.

Since joining Hoffman mining crew in Season 3, Logan quickly became a proficient rock truck driver, before stepping up to his current role as an excavator operator. He admits that someday he would love to own his own mining operation. He is a man never afraid to speak his mind when pushed and he doesn’t always agree with his cousin Todd.

After their disastrous season in the Guyana, Logan returned to Oregon focused on the next stage of his life. It wasn’t easy walking away from Todd as he’s family but Logan wanted to get back into education. After Todd found new ground and started getting gold, Logan was persuaded to return to the Hoffman crew in season 5. Now a six-year veteran of the Hoffman crew, this season Logan’s back in Colorado hoping the ground that saved them last year can now provide him the money he needs to pay off the mortgage on his first ever home.

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