Greg Remsburg


BACKGROUND: Unemployed Construction Supervisor


Greg Remsburg was one of Todd Hoffman’s oldest friends. Since their days as high school locker partners and teammates on the basketball court, they shared the good times and the bad. After several years of unemployment and frustration, Greg joined Todd as an original crew member in Alaska, determined to turn his fortunes around while mining for gold in Alaska. Greg is a dedicated family man and prepared to do whatever it takes to provide for his family. He is also one of the most proficient machine operators to work on the Hoffman crew, and an experienced construction supervisor.

The tensions on the Hoffman crew ran high during the first three gold mining seasons as every team member was put through hell and back in their search for the golden payday. After losing focus and not seeing eye to eye with Todd, Greg left the Hoffman crew and his gold mining dreams behind as he returned to his family. But an experienced hardworking man is hard to keep down, and Greg was the very first person Parker Schnabel contacted when he realized his dream of conquering the Yukon and beating Todd Hoffman's season three total of 800 ounces of gold was going to require a serious team effort. Greg answered that call and is now a proud member of the Schnabel crew in the Klondike.

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