Chauncey Craig


HOME STATE: Minnesota

EXPERIENCE: Construction and road building

Chauncey has 50 years construction experience and ran his first crew at age 19. He is an expert dozer and machine operator. Chauncey mentored Parker Schnabel's father Roger in road building and he worked alongside Roger at South East Roadbuilders since the company was founded. He worked in the North Face Alaska, renowned as the hardest place to build roads in the continental US. Chauncey is now retired, but he joined Gold Rush purely to help out his friend Parker.

Though he didn't have any previous mining experience he found the season working on the mine to be thoroughly enjoyable. He is extremely fond of Parker saying "he is a brilliant young man," and he's also godfather to Parker's brother. When not working he loves hunting and fishing and has many personal ambitions he is yet to fulfill. Mostly, he would love to return to Alaska to help Parker find the mother lode.

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