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Blue the dog has been Jack Hoffman's constant companion for the last two years. Blue's previous owner was serving a prison sentence when Jack found him, living outside and desperate for someone to throw a stick for him. Jack says that Todd was afraid of the animal at first, but Jack hit it off with him right away. The owner reluctantly agreed to give up his dog and Jack and Blue have been inseparable ever since. Blue is an Australian Shepherd: a breed that first came to the Western United States during the California Gold Rush of 1849. Typically for the breed, Blue has a naturally bobbed tail, but unusually, he has two blue eyes. The breed is highly prized for their intelligence, trainability and loyalty. Historically they were put to work on cattle ranches and today they make excellent search and rescue dogs. Last year at Porcupine Creek, Blue proved to be an excellent bear dog; defending the camp from grizzlies on numerous occasions. However, this year, he came off second best when he went up against a Porcupine. Blue got several quills embedded in his face and neck, but fortunately Jack and a cameraman were on hand to extract the quills and he has made a full recovery.

Blue is good with children and enjoys ice cream. On very special occasions he likes nothing more than to be allowed to get up on Jack's bed.

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