About Ed Stafford: Left For Dead

Ed Stafford: Left for Dead is an epic new adventure series that follows explorer Ed Stafford in his attempt to escape from some of our planet's most extreme environments in under 10 days. Subtropical forests, parched deserts and desolate mountains await him.

Dropped in the wilderness with no survival kit, Ed has just 10 days to reach civilization -- pushing the limits of human endurance on the move. Ed carries his camera kit to film himself, but nothing else -- no map, compass or tools. He must rely on his survival instincts and his will to live to combat hunger, thirst, fatigue and life-threatening obstacles.

The challenges that Ed faces are in fact so dangerous that an expert rescue team tracks him from afar -- ready to venture out to retrieve him at a moment's notice. However, the distance between Ed and his emergency crew means that certain situations could still prove perilous for Ed, given the risk that they arrive too late. The show proves that survival is more than just a test of physical strength -- it takes mental agility and unyielding determination to make it out alive.

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