About Ed Stafford: First Man Out

ED STAFFORD: FIRST MAN OUT not only tests the extreme limits of human endurance and determination but also pushes state-of-the-art technology into new realms as the first survivalist show to be filmed in 4K. Alongside thermal sensing drones and night vision cameras, 4K technology provides stunning footage of the survivalists’ epic journeys in some of the most brutal but breath-taking environments in the world.

In this six-part series produced by Beach House Pictures, Ed competes to test his survival skills to the limit, risking life, limb and reputation. His competitors include survival experts EJ Snyder (DUAL SURVIVAL and NAKED AND AFRAID), primitive survival expert Matt Graham (DUAL SURVIVAL and BUSHCRAFT BUILD OFF), intellectual survivalist Cat Bigney (THE GREAT HUMAN RACE), regional expert Ken Rhee (ULTIMATE HELL WEEK), military survival instructor John Hudson (DUDE YOU’RE SCREWED), and ex-military expert Commando Sniper Aldo Kane.

Providing viewers with analysis of the techniques and performance of the survivalists is Andrew “Woody” Wood, a former-Military jungle warfare and survival expert. With state-of-the-art tracking technology, Woody tracks the survivalists as they tackle the punishing distances, fearsome challenges and diverse environments ahead of them.

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