Casey Anderson


Casey Anderson brings a brand new perspective to the game -- he's a world-class wildlife tracker and conservationist.

He's been face-to-face with dangerous wild animals in just about every environment on earth -- with the scars to prove it. From alligators to mountain lions to wolverines, Casey has a no-fear strategy in the wild, at every step seeking to learn how these creatures survive and thrive in the brutal wilderness.

Casey is perhaps best-known today for his best friend Brutus, who just happens to be a nine-hundred pound grizzly bear Casey rescued and raised since he was a cub. The two are inseparable, but as Casey has continued to develop what is perhaps the greatest bear knowledge in the world, he has no illusions as to just how deadly his pal really is.

His strategy is to bring an animal instinct to the game, seeking to survive as an animal would. When he needs food, water, shelter and even navigation, Casey looks to the wildlife around him for guidance. He uses his knowledge to follow them, to find their food and water, and become the predator himself if he has to.

Casey is a fifth generation Montana mountain man that was born and raised in East Helena, Montana where he learned wilderness survival skills and a deep respect for nature. Today, he is the co-owner and director of Montana Grizzly Encounter, a bear sanctuary in Bozeman, Montana. While at the sanctuary he shares his bear expertise and continues his friendly relationship with full-grown Brutus.

Twitter: @GrizAnderson

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