John Belcik

John Belcik, or as he is more commonly known as, Prospector John, has been on a lifelong mission to live out his dreams. Born and raised in Texas, John lived a hard life before he sold everything he had to move to Alaska and fulfill his childhood dream of living on the last frontier and working with horses. Upon his arrival 20 years ago, John learned to prospect and was hooked immediately. As soon as he could, John got a job on a horse ranch and spent most of his years in Alaska moving strings of packhorses from one location to another, usually alone and hours from civilization. During these years, John lived off the land and refined his prospecting skills, carrying a gold pan in his saddlebags so he could hop off his horse at a moment’s notice. Almost seven years ago as John was standing on a mountain with a string of horses, he realized his childhood dream was fulfilled and it was time to find new ones. Two weeks later he started his business, Prospector John’s, where he teaches people how to prospect and takes them on tours. John always has been and always will be a prospector and not a miner; he doesn’t look for gold to strike it rich and usually throws back what he does find to return it to nature. But despite his love of teaching, his biggest dream – to go on a solo-prospecting trip in an area of America or Canada that he’s never explored – has been too far out of reach. Although he is a healthy, energetic man, he realizes that life is short and often times unexpected but his life will not be complete until he fulfills this one last dream.

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