Milne "CC" Pocock


From working with humanitarians airlifting supplies to refugee camps, to chauffeuring travelers to game reserves, CC has done about everything mentioned in any bush piloting tale. He's even walked away from two crashes that earned him his nickname, "CC," which stands for "Captain Crash." CC would run cargo transport trips or safari flights often before his business grew. Today, CC can't find the time to take on those jobs now that he is known as the best Bush Pilot in South Africa. Pilots from all over the world come to CC for training and CC isn't one to let them down.

All Advanced Flying Training is conducted by CC. He is a highly experienced and professional bush, stunt & test pilot with thousands of hours of bush and mountain flying and "off-airport" operations. CC has trained hundreds of pilots from all levels of experience from 40 hours to 10,000 hours, civilian and military. CC can be a bit of a control freak in the sky, insisting that pilots follow his strict instructions in order to remain safe.

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