Heavy Hauling: Job Description



Owner Tim Beck bought a semi, despite the warnings. Everyone said the life of a trucker is a hard one, that making money's difficult, that the life is grueling. Tell that to the man with the beautiful wife and the fancy cars and a multi-million-dollar enterprise underneath him. T.R. Beck Heavy Haul specializes in making magic happen on the most grueling roads.


The team has just five days to transport a massive 100-ton Drill Rig thousands of miles over rough terrain. They must scout and plan the route before executing with 45 trucks carefully choreographed to deliver the load.


T.R. Beck proudly boasts that they can pull off any job. Most recently, they've been shipping fracking equipment across the county on very short notice. Their minimal lead time has set them apart from an industry where slow and methodical is the norm. T.R. Beck is fast and methodical and currently bidding on several projects for this summer. They deliver everything from fabricated vessels to windmills to gas coolers.


T.R. Beck's aggressive expansion has led them with a large amount of debt. They must pay off a cool million dollars in debt within the next two years.


Tim has been considering setting up races for his new drivers and seeing who can get their loads across the country with the least amount of damage to his vehicles. For a small reward, he can incentivize his own workers' carefulness as well as their drive to get to their destination on time. When not on the road, the team gathers in a large garage that T.R. Beck has converted into an office space where employees shoot the breeze and get briefings.


Due to T.R. Beck's exacting standards, only about half of the rookies will progress into full time heavy hauling for the company. Rookies must complete at least five major projects during their initial on-the-job training. Their final test is piloting a truck in a multi-driver mega haul where are up to 10 drivers are in separate trucks, all pulling the same freight.

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