Zack Larson – Engineer


Over the past couple seasons, Zack, who is Captain Bill's son, has come to terms with his future as a crabber and hopes to one day take over a boat of his own — although it won’t be on his father’s boat, at least anytime soon. However, Zack has had a few trials at sea running other boats for the summer seasons. As “Wild” Bill's son, Zack has some big shoes to fill, but has proven to be a little milder than his father, causing complications between the two. After Zack left his father’s boat to go back to engineering school, Sean offered Zack an engineering position on the Brenna A. Sean wants to train Zack so that he will stay on for the long run, and so far, he’s been an important factor in the boat's success. Zack has solidified a place on the boat, but we’ll see if he truly wants to be a captain, or if he’ll just settle for a decent paycheck on deck.

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