Tyler Gateman – Deckhand

Tyler joined the Wizard in Season 11, and after surviving his initial hazing (getting buried in a pile of cod fish), he turned out to be the only greenhorn who could keep pace with the veterans. Tyler proved himself a solid deckhand, earning a returning spot on the work-heavyWizard. Tyler has enjoyed his expanded duties on deck, and continues to ascend the Wizard ranks. Although he is still sometimes tasked with greenhorn duties — especially when the bait boys are slacking — he is glad to have surpassed being the official greenhorn. Tyler brings some wisecracks to the serious, work-focused Wizard deck, but is focused on putting in his time and climbing the ranks. Ever since Monte brazenly declared Tyler a better deckhand than legendary Freddy Maugatai in Season 14 (for which Keith kicked Monte off the boat), there has been some tension between the two powerhouse deckhands.

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