The Wizard


TheWizard prides itself on being a workboat, never stopping and never sleeping. If you can’t keep up, you’ll be replaced or left behind — a fate that has claimed many former deckhands of the Wizard. The 155-foot vessel was built for the war in 1945. It was a yard oiler originally named YO-210, which transferred oil to battle ships during WWII.

Previous owner John Jorgensen and mentor to a once-young Keith bought the boat and converted it into a full-fledged crabber. When he saw Keith was ready for the helm, John sold the boat to Keith, who turned the Wizard into one of the fleet’s biggest, most bad-ass, and most profitable crab boats. Despite the Wizard’s success, conflict between Keith and his brother, Monte, often bubbles to the surface, threatening to derail the lucrative operation.

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