The Cornelia Marie


Named after former co-owner Cornelia Marie Devlin, the late Captain Phil Harris was able to purchase a share in the 128-foot vessel. After Phil’s passing from a stroke and pulmonary embolism in 2010, Josh and younger brother Jake took over and tried to make it work under the captaincy of Derrick Ray. The operation with Derrick went south and he was eventually replaced with Captain Tony Lara, who recently passed in 2015. Josh was able to turn the business around with help from co-captain Casey McManus (and with a little help from some big investors). In recent years, the Cornelia has undergone major shipyard renovations, now the first floor is refinished, and a new generator has been installed, along with new hydraulics and a remote crane. They’ve added new power panels in the wheelhouse, completely redid the steering controls, re-pitched the props, added new zincs, and added a fresh coat of paint on the top and bottom. With literally the entire boat and a very promising quota and business at stake, Josh and Casey have a lot riding on their shoulders, and MUST produce in order to survive.

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